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Flintstone Millwork is a family owned and operated business dedicated to building and restoring quality crafted products.  I, Richard G. Edgerton III am the current owner and a second generation Joiner. Following in my father's footsteps both with the company and in the military I have developed my skills to completing the most difficult missions/projects. I have grown our Full Service Millwork Shop to offer a larger scope of capabilities. Currently, we focus on custom doors, trim, windows, flooring, columns, historical restoration, and many unique projects. These unique projects have ranged from custom lathe work, custom sawn slabs/boards, naturally stripped logs for porch columns, to custom new construction like commercial bars. After growing up in this industry I have seen many historical projects dating back to late 1600's and I have designed many entryways for home owners and contractors alike. Please look at our gallery to see the variety of projects we have completed and see how our full service millwork shop will fit your project needs. We at Flintstone Millwork will be happy to assist you. 


Custom Design & Scaled Drawings of Proposed Project

Drawings give clear understanding of work being performed

Full Service
Millwork Shop

Match Original Profiles with Custom made Tooling


Repair or Replace Existing 

Historical Millwork

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